In order to make a reservation, please provide the following information by email to

Notice of Joukeian’s temporary closure
After 14 years and thousands of happy tea ceremonies, Joukeian’s full-time operation will stop. Later this year I hope to reopen part-time.
I deeply appreciate all of my guests, friends and teachers who supported me on this journey.
Joukeian will close temporarily but I’m going to inform you all about its reopening by end of this year.
I’m planning to make a new fantastic Joukeian in the future.
Joukeian Soukou Matsumoto 2017.May 31

1. Name
2. Your hotel in Kyoto
3. Nationality
4. Telephone number
(Japanese cell phone, hotel or local contact number in case of emergency or
in case you can't find Joukeian)
5. Requested reservation date(s)
6. Requested reservation time
7. Requested course(A, B, C, D, DM, E, F)
8. Participants and gender
9. Approximate age (30's, 40's etc)
10. Experience of Tea

I sometimes have trouble sending messages to hotmail accounts.
Although I can receive your mail, the mail I sent you isn’t delivered.
If you could use a different email service, I would be grateful.

<Question & Answer>

Q1. Sitting on my calves Japanese style is impossible.

It is ok to sit with your legs crossed instead.
Small cushions or a low (30 centimeter) chair are available.
Please request them when you make a reservation.

Q2. Do I need to bring anything?

A packet of paper (that are used to eat sweets) and a sweet pick will be available at Joukeian.
The Chaji course reservation :
Please bring a clean and folded handkerchief, in order to dry your hands, after washing them during the ceremony.

Q3. Do you have a rule of dress?

Ordinary clothes are fine, but socks should be worn to protect the tatami mat.
Jewelry and watches should be taken off when you get into a tea room.

Q4. Are credit cards accepted?

We can only accept cash.

Q5. How should I pay?

In the tea ceremony, the host and guests shouldn't exchange money directly. An envelope for payment is prepared for each course. Please put exact change in this envelope.

For the Chaji course, please pay during break time.

For other courses, please pay when you arrive.

Q6. Is it possible to smoke?

No smoking, please.

Q7. What about cancellation?

Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the reserved time.
The materials for the tea ceremony are quite expensive and must be prepared fresh, so a sudden cancellation really hurts a small tea room such as Joukeian.

If a sudden cancellation is unavoidable, we would appreciate it if you could pay 50% (the day before) or 100% (on the same day) of the fee by paypal.
Naturally we have no way to enforce this, but we ask you to be considerate of the costs incurred in preparing for your visit.


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