Experience Japanese tea ceremony in a beautiful tea garden. Various courses, English explanations, and only 10 minutes by taxi from Kyoto station.

At Joukeian you will have the opportunity to enjoy a tea ceremony experience and seasonal meals in a peaceful atmosphere by candlelight.

Absorb the beauty of the tea room, the tea garden and seasonal art, and also enjoy conversation.
I sincerely hope that you will be able to touch the heart of tea and that your visit here will stay with you as memorable experience.

Short course experience

You can enjoy the demonstration of tea procedure.

teaicon.jpgteaicon.jpgThis course is available for those with little time or beginners
We offer two courses from tea and sweet to a shorter tea gathering course

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Night course experience

Two kind of powdered green tea (thick tea & thin tea) and sweets or thin tea with sweet, Hassun(two kinds of meals),Sake by a candle light.

nighticon.jpgnighticon.jpgThis course is available for those with a nice time after your dinner.
This night course creates an atmosphere that has not changed for hundreds of years

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Chaji course experience

Japanese seasonal cuisine, sake, sweet, charcoal-laying procedure to boil water for tea, after break, thick tea and thin tea with sweet by the light of traditional Japanese candles.

sakeicon.jpgsakeicon.jpgThis is the full-course and ultimate expression of hospitality in the way of tea.
And it is followed to night course of two kind of tea. Please feel it with your sensitivity about the heart of the tea by candle light.

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There are various courses at Joukeian that you can participate in, from a short course and a romantic night course up to a full-course Chaji.

What's Chaji?
Chaji is a formal tea gathering which encapsulates the essence of Japanese traditional culture.
It consists of seasonal dishes, different kinds of tea and a candlelit atmosphere.

Season theme
Japan has four clear-cut seasons, Spring (Haru), Summer(Natsu), Autumn(Aki) and Winter(Fuyu). During these season, there are variations in the performance of the tea-making procedure, utensils and other equipment.

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Sokou's Profile
With over 25 years experience in practicing the way of tea, I can help you experience this beautiful art form.
I'm still a student of English, but I look forward to telling you about the way of tea !


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