These are impressions of those whom have visit Joukeian.

I have heartwarming many letters, card, mail. I would like to value an encounter of the once-in-a-lifetime (Ichigo Ichie) all the time.

Kienast , Switzerland

It is difficult to express my impressions for your wonderful Chaji. Everything was so delightful. Your garden is a small, beautiful treasure. The tearoom with its many beautiful details! The flower arrangement and later the powerful scroll, delicious kaiseki meal and tea. Everything touched my heart. I will memorize this Chaji foever in my hear. Thank you.

Convery, Canada

Even now I can’t exactly express my feeling, but basically I’ve never felt such thing before in the tea room. The swirling of joy in my heart are all from the fragrances emanation from your pure heart. Only you have created such a garden or garden’s, a tea room, an atmosphere in your pure world, we can experience the true naked ordinary mind of now.

Davey Stokhof, Holland

Although it was a bit difficult to find in the beginning it was an amazing experience and the host was great. She has lots of experience and really takes care of her guests.

Kim Yoon-Jin, South-Korea

I have been going to a busy Japanese language school for 3 months now, and going to Joukeian was something that refreshed my mind tremendously. The tea was great, and the atmosphere was just amazing.


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