In the world of tea ceremony, there is a saying , "Ichigo-Ichie". The phrase means that each encounter happens only once in a lifetime. We should value every such moment of our lives.

Within the grand expanse of time and space, the meeting of all the elements realized by the host and guests, here and now, is never repeatable even if the same people were to have a tea gathering at the same time of day of the year and at the same place, sometime in the future.

cup3.jpgThe host and guests realize that no matter how many times they may meet for tea, the same meeting will never happen again, and so it is indeed a once in a lifetime meeting. Thus, the host takes great care in entertaining the guests and does his best to make the gathering perfect.

The guests, for their part, likewise recognize that the meeting will never happen again, and so appreciate every aspect of the host’s intent to take care of them.

The phrase “ichi go ichi e” encapsulates the heart and spirit of way of tea.

In Joukeian, I would like to value this spirit of hospitality. In our life, the same time is never repeatable. I appreciate one meeting and one moment in Joukeian, and so I will do my best.


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