Is it your first time and you just want to have a basic introduction to tea ceremony or do you have a tight schedule?

Then Joukeian offers 3 basic courses for you.

Course A

Higashi or dried sweet

higashi1.jpgHigashi (a dried sweet) is served with usucha (thin green tea). These sweets are usually made with sugar and sometimes with flour etc too. Those made with wasanbon, Japanese traditional sugar, are the best quality.
Some are also made of Kohaku Japanese agar jelly and starch syrup.
It is good to serve different kinds of sweets with various flavors and textures.

Usucha or thin powdered green tea

usucha1.jpgIt is the most common way to drink matcha and it is whisked into a fine foam on top. The host makes conversation with each guest while preparing each bowl of tea.

Course B

Thin powdered green tea, a dried sweet and a light meal

Light Meal

lmeal1.jpgSome kaiseki dishes will be served in this course.
You can get a taste of kaiseki in a short time.
(rice, soup, Mukouzuke, Azukebachi, Kounomono)

Short Course

Course A
Thin powdered green tea and dried sweet
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
14:00 / 15:30 / 17:00
1 hours
Amount of participants
2~7 persons
\2,000 per person
Course B
Thin powdered green tea , dried sweet , and Light Meal
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
2 hours
Amount of participants
2~5 persons
\5,000 per person

Extra Information


Cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the reserved time.
If a cancellation is made on the day before the reserved day, half of the total cost will be refunded.
If a cancellation is made on the appointed day, there is no refund.


We can not accept credit cards, so please play with cash instead.


Kaishi (packet of paper) or sweet pick are available from Joukeian

Private Course

A solo guest can have a private course, but the cost is double the normal price.

Small groups can also arrange private (not shared with other guests) tea ceremonies. Please contact me for prices.


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