Chaji is formal tea gathering which encapsulates the essence of Japanese traditional culture for the ultimate hospitality of tea ceremony.

ben2.jpgChaji consists of two parts, separated by intermission.
In first part, we serve Japanese seasonal cuisine and show you the charcoal-laying procedure to boil water for a beautiful tea. After intermission we serve two kinds of tea.

Eating meals and drinking tea is daily part of our lives. A chaji involves offering a meal and tea to guests, and so it is founded in common activities.
Onto that foundation from daily life, chaji adds the spirit of hospitality.

What is different in the case of a chaji is that the tea is not merely an after meal beverage, but is the central focus of the event.
All is prepared for drinking the tea, in which building a fire and boiling water and serving meal for lighten the burden of the stomach from tea.

sake4.jpgNowadays, a tea gathering to which a large number of guests are invited is popularly known. The thick tea and charcoal-laying procedure and cuisine are eliminated and only sweet and thin tea is served in a short time.
Although full course chaji is not so common, it will be really precious experience for you.

In Joukeian, the meal and sweet are served in natural light and later, and tea is served under candle light, recreating an atmosphere that has not changed for hundreds of years.


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